White Supremacy in the Aftermath of Charlottesville

Vice News aired a news story in the aftermath of the protests in Charlottesville that shook me to my core. As I perused through my facebook and twitter feeds I noticed many followers either sharing the video on their facebook feeds or commenting on the jarring nature of its content. In this very first episode of The Adrenaline Podcast, I dissect white supremacy as depicted in the Vice News Story. Watch it hereAlisha Cigalotti is my guest and we discuss how the events in Charlottesville shine a light on the intersections of race and politics in The American South.

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  1. I loved it!!!! Well I loved it as much as anyone can love a conversation about white supremacy and the insidious hate spreading over this country that now feels free to unmask themselves under the protection of this “president”!!!

    I think what you’re doing is amazing… if this becomes your pressure release valve for this pressure cooker of a presidential term – it has already been 100% successful… however I see this helping more than just you… and I am very excited and grateful for that. Big fan of things to come 🙂

    Side note you have a GREAT radio 📻 voice!!!

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