Police Aggression in the Healthcare Setting

Alex Wubbles R.N. was arrested and detained by Jeff Payne, a Salt Lake City detective, for not complying with an order to allow him to draw blood from the victim of a motor vehicle collision. The police department and the hospital’s administration agreed to a list of criteria by which blood could be drawn from a patient in the hospital. When Nurse Wubbles informed Detective Payne that he could not draw blood because the patient was not under arrest, and he didn’t provide the hospital with a warrant, he became very angry and subsequently placed Wubbles under arrest. Click here to see the video of Detective Payne performing an unlawful arrest of a healthcare worker for simply protecting  the rights of a patient and adhering to the law. This video went viral and was shared hundreds of thousands of times on facebook and other social media outlets. In this week’s post, Alisha and I discuss police aggression, and I call out my facebook community for their hypocrisy. Hope you enjoy!

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