Welcome To The Adrenaline

If you are reading this first blog post it’s probably because you know me and I begged you to check out The Adrenaline. Thanks for supporting me and #TeamAdrenaline. I created this blog as an outlet to express the angst I regularly feel in response to our current political and cultural climate. The Adrenaline is a platform to not only express my analysis of current events, politics, and social policy, but also a means to create a dialogue between myself and the most “woke” individuals in my life. Guest on upcoming episodes of The Adrenaline Podcast have enlightened my social and political consciousness. My goal is to have conversations so that you, the listener, can share in that enlightenment.  Topics will include sex, race, gender, sexuality, pop culture, politics, and the intersection of these issues in public policy and political discourse. Some subjects are controversial, and we at The Adrenaline tackle the controversy head on. The main objective is to challenge my own way of thinking and provoke the listeners to question their own belief systems, political views, and social constructs. It’ll be fun, it’ll be bold, and hopefully keep you all tuned in for future episodes.

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